PATCH NOTES: Hitman 3 – May Patch (3.30)

Comes in around 3.5GB for all platforms. New content: Seven Deadly Sins Act 2: Pride The Seven Deadly Sins in HITMAN 3 started at the end of March with…

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PATCH NOTES: Hitman 3 – May Patch (3.30)

Comes in around 3.5GB for all platforms.

New content:

Seven Deadly Sins Act 2: Pride

The Seven Deadly Sins in HITMAN 3 started at the end of March with Act 1: Greed. HITMAN 3 players are invited deeper into Agent 47’s mind to explore The Pride Profusion Escalation and take ownership of new items and a shiny suit! The Pride Announcement Trailer gives you a sneak peek of what to expect on May 10th!

Season of Pride / May Roadmap

Also on May 10th, we’ll premiere a new trailer with a look ahead at all of the content coming to HITMAN 3 during the Season of Pride. See it first on the Official Hitman YouTube channel on May 10th.

General updates:

Challenges, Fixed

We’ve resolved issues that would prevent players from unlocking the following challenges: Cleaning Up (Colorado), Electric Boogie (Marrakesh, HBoS), Urine For It (Sapienza, Landslide), Estate Wines (Mendoza) and Got My Boomstick (Carpathian Mountains).

We’ve also fixed an issue that prevented the Bullet Train (Carpathian Mountains) trophy/achievement from unlocking.

Notebook Challenges

We’ve fixed an issue where completed Challenges would still be shown as ‘locked’ when viewed via the in-game notebook. Players would previously need to save/load or restart the mission to see accurate challenges displayed during the mission, even though completion status was correctly being tracked.

Legacy Lighting Pass
We’ve adjusted and tweaked various lighting issues across locations from HITMAN 1 and HITMAN 2. Only the ICA Facility and New York have not had any changes made related to lighting.

Our focus was to tweak extremely bright reflections or glows, transitioning between dark and bright areas, navigating/seeing textures in dark areas and to ensure that screenspace reflections look as expected with these changes.

Legacy Load Errors

We’ve made changes to resolve an issue that would prevent players from saving/loading when using items from HITMAN 1 or HITMAN 2. Basically, the one with the “Load Failed” error message that asked you to check that you had access to specific content.

NPCs Ignore Toilets

Toilets are now more appealing to anyone affected by emetic poison. In other words, we’ve resolved an issue where NPCs would prefer to use a rubbish bin / trash can rather than the toilet to throw up. Now, they will use the more logical choice, more often.

Leaderboard Percentiles

We’ve fully implemented a new feature to the Detailed Score Screen to give an at-a-glance look at how your score compares to the selected leaderboard. It’s also possible to see where the majority of players rank for each mission.

MiniMap Overlay

We’ve resolved a minor visual issue where icons near the minimap and prompts could overlap when viewing the inventory.

Sieker 1 Out

We’ve changed the properties of the Sieker 1 Emetic Gun to fix an issue where it could not be selected in Offline Mode.

Taunton Sieker

We’ve resolved an issue that would cause the inventory images of the Sieker 1 and Taunton Dart Gun to be swapped, depending on what was unlocked and in what order.

Identical Explosives

We’ve tweaked the inventory images for the ICA Explosive Images so that they better reflect the in-game versions.

PS5 Game Help

We’ve resolved an issue where placeholder text was showing for some steps of the PS5 Game Help. It had nothing to do with our pet cat.

Caught Bald-Headed

Agent 47’s bald head will no longer poke out the top of the Arkian Tuxedo suit.

And more, including Stability Improvements, that we are unable to fit here!

Some changes were made to Featured Contracts. Some details:

Featured Contract Rewards

We’ve tidied up how the Featured Contracts rewards challenges are being tracked to fix a few issues. Some context: Our intention at launch was for players to complete unique Featured Contracts to earn the different milestone rewards (10, 20, 30, 40, etc). However, it was possible to reach these milestones by repeating the same contract. After reverting back to the intended structure, it caused a few irregularities on the challenge progress depending on the extent of players’ progress.

Here’s what will happen with the release of the 3.30 patch:

– Players who have reached the specified milestones when 3.30 is released will earn the related unlocks. (Example: If you currently have 32/30 contracts completed and no way to earn the unlock, 3.30 will grant you that unlock and mark the challenge as completed.)

– All uncompleted Featured Contract Reward challenges will accurately display the number of unique Featured Contracts that have been completed. (Example: If you played the same contract 29/30 times at launch, 3.30 will adjust that challenge progress to 1/30.)

The idea here is that we want to keep the intended structure of these challenges going forward, but without punishing players who played by the ‘rules’ at launch.

Featured Contract Counter

We’ve resolved an issue that could prevent the first completed Featured Contract from being registered on the “Featured Contracts – Track” counters, which could lead to irregularities in the progression.

FC Disconnect

We’ve resolved an issue that could cause players to disconnect when completing a Featured Contract. The contract completion was properly registered in the Featured Contracts Track challenges, but any unlocks that should have been awarded were not granted.

Some platform specific changes for Nintendo Switch players:

Performance Mode

We’ve added a toggle to enable Performance Mode at 720p/60fps over the default option of 1080p/30fps.

Precision Fire

We’ve added the Steady Aim feature to the L button on Nintendo Switch. This allows you to improve your aim and slow time when aiming with a Sniper Rifle with the Marksman perk, especially useful for the Sniper Assassin game mode and certain Mission Stories. The in-game UI and controller maps will display this accurately.

Helpful note: It’s possible to toggle whether you hold or tap ZL in order to aim a weapon. Look for the Toggle Aim option in Options>Gameplay>Weapon Aim. Note that this won’t affect  47’s ‘aiming’ when throwing; this will still require the play to hold the button to move 47’s throwing arc.

Dubai Demo

We’ve added a new 10 minute trial available for all Nintendo Switch players, allowing them to experience the new Performance Mode on the opening level of the game; Dubai.

If you’d like to see the full patch notes without truncation, click here to head to the game’s official website.

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