Can’t Believe We Even Have To Say This: No, Your Wii Isn’t Going to Self Destruct!

This writer has absolutely no words for how wild this story is.

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If you’re familiar with The Onion, I have a feeling y’all will know where this is going.

Hard Drive, regarded as basically the tech equivalent of The Onion, recently ran a story with a fake quote from Nintendo of America’s President Doug Bowser stating the following:

“Due to changing standards in the gaming industry and better hardware being available, we think it’s best if every single Wii that is still in perfect working order just bursts into flames one day next year,” said Doug Bowser, President of Nintendo of America. Just melting and shooting parts all over across the room. Once we get this new Switch Sports game out, we really don’t want anyone enjoying a past version of it. I’m sure you understand.” 

Hard Drive is a satirical website with no basis in reality, aka: it exists for the laughs! However, some real people fell for it, enough for Snopes to go ahead and do a full-fledged fact check on the thing. Snopes explains the context behind the post, too:

This bit of satirical news appears to be poking fun at Nintendo for shutting down services for old consoles. In 2019, for example, the company shut down the Wii eShop, preventing Wii players from buying digital games for their old consoles. In February 2022, a few weeks before this satirical article went viral, Nintendo announced that it was shutting down the eShops for the Wii U and the Nintendo DS. While Nintendo users will truly lose the ability to purchase digital games on these consoles, these devices are not set to self-destruct. 

So no, your Wii isn’t going to self destruct.

You can stop going wild now. Everything is fine!

[Source: Snopes via Nintendo Life]

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