Fire Emblem Heroes – March 15th & 16th Content Updates

Additions to Coliseum, Aether Keeps, and more.

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Here are the latest additions in content to Fire Emblem Heroes for March 15th & 16th, 2022!

March 16th

  • [Summoning] A returning Summoning Focus is now live. it features the following Special Heroes: Est (Springtime Flier), Narcian (Vernal General), Fir (Student of Spring), and Idunn (Dragonkin Duo) (available until March 26th)
  • [Special Maps] As part of the latest set of Limited Hero Battles, the Grand Hero Battle feat. Bertram (Dread Cavalier) is now live (available until March 21st)
  • [Events] The Shield Phase of the latest Mjölnir Strike event is now live (available until March 18th)
  • [Quests] A new set of Quests is now live: Mjölnir Strike (available until March 18th)

March 15th

  • [Coliseum] Season 91 of Resonant Battles is now live. The bonus titles are: Fire Emblem: Awakening and Fire Emblem: Fates (available until March 22nd)
  • [Aether Keeps] Season 171 of Aether Raids is now live (available until March 22nd)
    • Bonus Heroes (HP+10, Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 + Lift+20 and Double EXP and SP if you win a battle): Peony (Sweet Dream), Sothis (Girl on the Throne), Idunn (Divine Demon), Hugh (Worldly Mage), Niime (Mountain Hermit), Cath (Master Thief), Gonzales (Kindly Bandit), Takumi (Empty Vessel), Azura (Vallite Songstress), and Sharena (Princess of Askr)
    • Bonus Structures (Level +1): Catapult (O, D)
  • [Coliseum] The next set of Bonus Heroes for the Arena is now live: Sonya (Dazzling Rabbits), Delthea (Prodigy in Bloom), Henry (Peculiar Egg), Maria (Sunny Smile), Luthier (Spring Hopes), Rutger (Lone Swordsman), Gunnthra (Year’s First Dream), Shigure (Uplifting Artist), Dimitri (Savoir King), and Anna (Commander) (available until April 5th)
  • [Special Maps] As part of the latest set of Limited Hero Battles, the Bound Hero Battle feat. Shamir & Catherine is now live (available until March 21st)

[Source: Perfectly Nintendo]

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