Ages of Cataria reaches Switch stretch goal on Kickstarter, coming to Switch in 2023

A village story generator.

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Ages of Cataria, a village story generator, has raised over $80,000 on Kickstarter (around $70,000 more than the original goal) and has surpassed its goal for a Switch version to be released as well! Here’s a trailer along with some info about the game.


Ages of Cataria is a village story generator where you get to learn about the citizens that make up your town. Experience the real-time growth of your village and watch your villagers develop their own stories over time.

About the game

Ages of Cataria is a village story generator! Learn your villager’s stories as they grow old in your town, customize your village to your aesthetic, and discover a fantastical new land.

Legend has it the continent of Cataria was home to an ancient civilization. One day, the continent mysteriously vanished and became lost to the world. After hundreds of years, the land of Cataria has been rediscovered and all that remains of the civilization are ruins. Now, thousands have set off to explore Cataria to settle a new home and uncover the mysteries of this land.

Key Features

Characters’ lives: Characters live full lives from birth to death in Cataria. Villagers will express individualized thoughts and develop personality traits over the course of their lives, affecting village productivity and villagers’ interactive stories. Your villager will also gain XP toward their skill levels based on what jobs they work around town. Villagers who become specialists in any specific skill can unlock bonuses in their field.

Your story in Cataria: Choose to play as either Humans or Elves, and select the origin story for how and why your villagers arrive in Cataria. From there, decide which environment you would like to settle in and begin to customize your village. Dynamic building upgrades allow you to customize your village the way you want it. You can even focus your village on collecting just one particular resource, and utilize the limited multiplayer trading to barter for the resources you need.

Interactive novels: Your characters will have events within the village bounds that may be related to their relationships, their wellness, or inclement weather. It will be up to you to decide how they proceed. Characters will also have various matters to handle outside of the village. Whether it’s a muli-chapter journey through the Catarian wilderness, or a short quest for a rare resource, it will be up to you to move them forward. Be warned: the choices you make may have life-long effects.

Assign your villagers to jobs around town. Each village job has an impact on your thriving village, from farming and mining to schooling and animal care-taking. Decide when your villagers work, what jobs they do, and how many of them are assigned. Play the minigames associated with the various jobs for a boost in productivity and villager skill.

Discover and domesticate all kinds of animals, from pigs and cows to unicorns and turtle-ducks! Cataria has a vast bestiary of rare and magical creatures.

Release of the game is slated for 2023.

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