‘orbit.industries’ Will Release Next Month on Nintendo Switch

Up for a little science-fiction?

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Up for a little science-fiction? Well, you’re in luck, because orbit.industries from developer LAB132 and publisher Klabater will be releasing for Nintendo Switch on April 21st, 2022. As usual, we’ve got a trailer and information about the game right here.


About the game

In space, no one can hear you scream – neither a victorious cry, nor one loaded with frustration. So what shall it be, Space Pioneer, when you are the Captain of it all?

orbit.industries is a strategic space station building game where your job is to make the station as profitable and efficient as possible. You can play one of 3 modes: Campaign, Endless or Creative, the latter where you don’t have to worry about any constraints to your creativity.

You can focus on making the station yield the biggest profit in the most efficient way possible, or do you want to focus on making it visually pleasing to the eye? The choice is all yours!

Key Features

– Full 360 degrees, 3D view of the station within Unreal Engine 4
– An abstract 2D stylized view of management cycles and resources
– 3 Gameplay Modes: Campaign, Creative and Endless
– 54 Modules varieties to build and design your station with
– A technological tree to explore and expand

[Source: Nintendo Everything]

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