‘RUN: The World In-Between’ will release for Switch in April

“everything is constantly moving”

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Team Run have announced that their game, published by PID Publishing, will be releasing for Nintendo Switch on April 14th, 2022. Here’s a trailer and some info about the game!


About the game

RUN: The World In-Between is a highly dynamic platform game with procedurally-generated levels. 
Inspired by Celeste, Dead Cells, Scourge Bringer, and even Super Meat Boy, your movements will have to be as quick as they are precise.

In a place where everything is constantly moving, you will have to face the dangers of the World In-Between to reach for the light.
Dodge the most devious traps while relying on your reflexes, hoping for a better future.

– Addictive gameplay  
– Gems to collect in order to unlock memories 
– Replay value – you can always beat your own score
– Accessibility options to customize your experience
– An optimized mode for speedrunners
– Artistic direction by Encre Mecanique
– Soundtrack by Thomas Barrandon
– By the creator of HepHep Fever

Available digitally beginning April 14th, 2022, no price has been announced. A demo is available on Steam (PC).

[Source: Nintendo Everything, Steam]

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