‘Mighty Goose’ receives update trailer, new content arriving in April

The world of water awaits in the free content update for Mighty Goose, arriving next month!

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Mighty Goose is set to receive a brand new content update on April 19th, 2022. The game’s publisher Playism, and its developers MP2 Games and Blastmode have released a new trailer and some details about the update.


About the update

In his latest adventure, Goose travels to the world of water, Planet Ceto, to save the planet and its inhabitants, the fish people, from the evil Baron.

It’s time for Goose to do what he does best—rain bullets on the baddies and save the day!

(This downloadable content is only playable after beating the main story.)

The DLC will be free to download, and accessible once players have beaten the main story of the game.

[Source: Nintendo Everything]

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