Sonic’s third crossover with Fall Guys to begin this week

This crossover comes with Outfits, Cosmetics and a level to boot!

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Sonic has crossed over with Fall Guys on two other occasions, adding Sonic and Knuckles. This crossover is adding Tails, Eggman and Super Sonic!

The crossover will also contain a level where beans are tasked to collect rings, and challenges to gain sonic themed cosmetics, which are listed below.

  • “Bean Hill Zone” Nameplate – 200 Points
  • 200 Kudos – 400 Points
  • Bonus Rings Pattern Outfit – 600 Points
  • 400 Kudos – 800 Points
  • Sonic Sneakers – 1000 Points

The crossover will run from 11th of August to the 15th of August, so gotta be fast to get those cosmetics!

Leaked gameplay video by Pancake – Fall Guys Leaks

The new crossover shows that crossovers can have custom levels, which opens the door for many other possibilities. Let’s hope for some cool crossovers, and possibly other Sonic characters in the future!

[Sources: Fall Guys on Twitter, Pancake – Fall Guys Leaks for gameplay, Nintendo Life for Rewards list]

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