PATCH NOTES – Wandersong for Switch receives new patch

The developers did their update chant. Read all about it! Wandersong is a game for Nintendo Switch, and it just received a new patch update, version...

The developers did their update chant. Read all about it!

Wandersong is a game for Nintendo Switch, and it just received a new patch update, version 1.0.4 in fact! The humongous laundry list of patch notes start here…

  • Get stuck when going to band break room after Act 2 concert 
  • Soft lock when loading first screen of Act 5 castle 
  • Rare error message and crash during Act 2 performance 
  • Catterfly can follow you past where her battle ends 
  • Crash when talking to Captain Lucas from the left in the pirate bar 
  • 3-ghost boss can scale strangely after battle is over 
  • Unstable collisions and beat-tracking at low framerate 
  • Unstable scene transition at end of Act 3 dungeon 
  • Infinite loop entering pirate ship after encounter on boat 
  • Possible to skip bridge scene in Act 5 
  • Act 5 map missing information after completing main quest 
  • Possible to sneak through the end of Act 5 spirit world without initiating encounter 
  • Possible to lose Audrey in escape scene 
  • Endless cut-scene loop in same scene 
  • Typos + some dialogue tweaked 
  • Unable to progress if the game is closed and re-opened directly after the climax 
  • Some characters wouldn’t interact in Act 7 in certain conditions 
  • Certain (minor) permanent choices were erased by Scene Select 
  • Post-game secret had some missing prompts/would keep emitting light when disabled 
  • Act 4: able to progress story without officially recruiting characters 
  • Act 5: optional leaf on map appears to be required to progress story 
  • Act 6: birds don’t always respawn 
  • Act 6: wind changing directions a bit futzy in one segment 
  • Act 6: softlock with Audrey during bug sequence 
  • Act 6: A set of jumps are very high and a bit difficult 
  • Post-game: Gabe can’t be interacted with 
  • Act 3: Able to jump over certain room exit 
  • Act 5: Infinite hug 
  • Act 6: Birds don’t launch very far 
  • Act 6: Birds STILL don’t always respawn 
  • Act 6: Partner character’s pathing not great on low framerates 
  • Act 6: Some platforming near the end is a bit high for the bard’s jump height on some framerates 
  • Act 7: Reloading the big confrontation would have some heads swapped 
  • Post-game: Scene select animated to frames and not deltatime 
  • General: The D-Pad doesn’t register multiple notes when playing the same one multiple times 
  • General: Screen blinks/flashes on some machines when changing volume in Options
  • Act 2: Accordion ghost duet can take an unusually long time to advance (please double check, I think this is fixed…) 
  • Act 3: Crash when interacting with a character after throwing coffee but before Captain Lucas reacts 
  • Act 4: Peter can sometimes be interacted with after expending all of his dialogue 
  • Act 4: Crash when interacting with coal while holding something else 
  • Act 5: STILL possible to miss scene on bridge outside of lumber town 
  • Act 6: Stuck in pass-through wall near beginning of Seal section 
  • Small typos in dialogue 
  • Act 1: Rare broken spawn in Langtree 
  • Act 3: Rare broken spawn near Calliope’s house 
  • Act 4 spirit world: Broken animation when respawning from a certain spike in a certain area 
  • Act 6: Possible to trap pushable rock and block progress 
  • Act 6: Rare broken spawn after throne room 
  • Act 6: Small physics change to help keep Audrey from getting stuck 
  • General: typos and small text adjustments 
  • Act 2: Rare broken spawn near the cemetery 
  • Act 2: Occasional crashing on a 2nd playthrough of Delphi if you completed the Sue sidequest in a previous run 
  • Act 6: Adjusted some path nodes to make the AI character more consistent 

…And it ends here. That’s it!

If you own Wandersong, have you had issues with the game after installing the patch?