Fire Emblem Heroes – August 13th, 2022 Content Update

New Summoning Focuses, updates to Events, and more added.

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Here are the latest additions in content to Fire Emblem Heroes for August 13th, 2022!

  • [Summoning] As part of the FEH’s Summer Celebration, a new Summoning Focus is now live: Heroes with Iceberg. It features the following Heroes: Guinivere (Princess of Bern), Kiria (Cool Façade), and Fiora (Airborne Warrior) (available until August 14th)
  • [Events] The latest Tempest Trials+ event, Life and Death 2, has been updated with the following: story elements that feature Special Heroes chatting (available until August 19th)
  • [Summoning] A new Summoning Focus is now live: Legendary and Mythic Hero Remix. It features the following Heroes: Hird (Icy Blade), Eirika (Graceful Resolve), Naga (Dragon Divinity), Thrasir (Omnicidal Witch), Gunnthra (Voice of Dreams), Alm (Saint-King), Idunn (Divine Demon), Joshua (Resolute Tempest)(available until August 27th)
  • [Special Maps] The returning Legendary/Mythic Hero Battles feat. Thrasir (Omnicidal Witch), Alm (Saint-King), Hrid (Icy Blade), Eirika (Graceful Resolve) are now live (available until August 27th)

[Source: Perfectly Nintendo]

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