Pokémon GO Teams Up with McDonald’s in France

Trainers, you’ll be lovin’ this!

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Starting today (August 22nd, 2022) in France, McDonald’s is teaming up with Pokémon GO in France to make McDonald’s locations Poké Stops. Additionally, McCafé locations are Arenas. This means you can battle it out, catch some Pokémon, or stop by and stock up on supplies while enjoying a meal. Read the full announcement here (translated via Google Translate):

Starting August 22, McDonald’s™ is teaming up with Pokémon GO for an all-new adventure!

Your favorite McDonald’s™ restaurants will become PokéStops and McCafé® will become Arenas. Now you can enjoy a delicious meal with your friends and catch new Pokémon, all at the same time!

See list of McCafé® spaces on mcdonalds.fr

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[Pokémon GO Website (translated)]

[Sources: Pokémon GO Website via GoNintendo]

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