Ooblets Is Out of Early Access, Now Available on Nintendo Switch

“New friends are plentiful in Ooblets!”

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Glumberland’s game, Ooblets, has left early access and has officially reached 1.0 on Nintendo Switch. It’s priced at $29.99 USD on the Switch eShop (US) and there is a currently a 33% discount for a limited-time as well. Here’s a trailer along with some info about the game:


About the game

New friends are plentiful in Ooblets! Spend your days renovating your farm, raising weird little pals, participating in dance-offs, designing your house, and helping the mayor save Badgetown!


  • Customize your character’s style with a variety of unique outfits and accessories
  • Grow otherworldly crops on your farm, craft treats, and sell them in town
  • Build your own team of ooblets to participate in card-based dance battles, level up, and unlock new moves
  • Daily challenges, dance tournaments, townsfolk quests, and badges will keep you very busy
  • Give gifts and make friends with the kinda-odd residents of Badgetown
  • Start with a rundown shack and turn it into a beautiful home with tons of decor and furniture options
  • Play a plethora of pleasant minigames
  • Run your own shop in town selling items you’ve crafted and collected
  • Help the mayor save the town, and unlock the secrets of Oob along the way
  • Get to know the townsfolk and befriend them if you’d like!
  • Explore a bunch of regions, like the arcade-filled boardwalk in Port Forward, the spooky swamps of Nullwhere, and the frozen peaks of Tippytop
  • (and you can pet the ooblets)

[Source: GamesPress]

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