JUSTICE SUCKS Releases for Switch on September 8th, 2022

Tactical Vacuum Action!

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Samurai Punk has announced that JUSTICE SUCKS will be releasing on September 8th, 2022, for Nintendo Switch! Here’s a trailer and some info about the game:


Get ready to fire up the tactical vacuum action. JUSTICE SUCKS is coming to PC and consoles on September 8th! Lock down the date as Dusty completes the final check before the operation switches on officially in one week. Dusty is fully charged for brutal battles and wacky wins, with excitement to unlock new worlds, encounter new enemies and explore new storylines!

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About the game

Dusty McClean had a simple life, befitting a robot vacuum. Roam the house, clean up messes, turn lights on and off, but he did it for the love of his human family. Now an evil corporation has voided his warranty AND abducted his humans. This will not stand. Enter a world of televised ‘90s strangeness for some image training and prepare yourself for the siege ahead. Revenge is a dish best served clean.

It’s your job to train Dusty in the act of war, and teach him to channel his inner fighting spirit; the gloriously swole Sexy McClean. Master devastating robot fighting techniques, hack into the mainframe (and light fixtures), cause devices to go haywire and trap your enemies in devastating combinations of fire, electricity and dangerously pointy objects. Go on, make a mess. Just remember to clean up afterwards.

Cleaning up is its own reward for a thirsty little robot. Fueled by the blood of your fallen foes, Dusty can unleash devastating special attacks. The kind that makes a terrible mess, which you can clean up. It’s a vicious cycle, and one you’ll have to master if you’re going to survive this adventure and rescue Dusty’s family. Unlock new techniques, challenge intense bonus missions and become the littlest fighting vacuum cleaner.

[Samurai Punk/tinyBuild Games PR]

[Source: Samurai Punk/tinyBuild Games PR]

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