Sneak peek of a big September Mario Kart Tour update shared by the Mario Kart Tour team

This update is definitely a game changer!

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The Mario Kart Tour team shared a sneak peek of a Mario Kart Tour update coming in late September via Twitter

They also released a notice in game, the details of it is shared below.

Battles & Races

Battles are coming to single player and multiplayer, in these battles, each player has balloons attached to their kart. Your goal is to pop your opponents’ balloons! You can play battles starting with the tour that begins 5th October 2022.

Along with this update, multiplayer Standard Races and Gold Races will be combined, and Gold Races, available only to Gold Pass subscribers, will be removed.

Shop Renovations

We’ll be adding a Spotlight Shop, where you can exchange rubies for drivers, karts, and gliders featured in tours! New drivers, karts, and gliders as well as drivers, karts and gliders that have appeared in the past, will be available.

Along with this, the pipe you can fire by using rubies will be removed.

The Spotlight shop will appear with tours that begin after 5th October 2022.

The change to the shop means that Mario Kart Tour will no longer be a “Gacha Game”, as there is no longer a loot box element. This element being removed could also make Mario Kart Tour unbanned in Belgium, as Belgium has a law against loot boxes in games.

Let us know what you think about this change, are you happy with there being no more pipes? Or did you prefer the loot box system.

[Source: Nintendo]

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