Catmaze releases on September 9th for Nintendo Switch – A Purrrrrrfect Metroidvania Challenge Feast!

A pixel perfect mixture of fun and challenges!

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Catmaze, a metroidvania game with Slavic mythology as its inspiration, will soon be released, independent publishers Ratalaika Games and RedBlack Spade have announced.

About the game

The player assumes the role of Alesta, a teenage witch who finds her life turned upside down after a
rather hapless experience. Wanting to bring her mother back from the world of the dead, Alesta soon
enlists the help of cats that form the link between the world of the living and the dead, also known as
Yavi and Navi. Alesta is a character with a strong spirit, but sadly not strong muscles, adding to the fact
she does not attack monsters herself – others do it for her. All together there are 12 types of creatures
in the game: some hit slowly and hard, some are weak and quick and others can poison enemies or
freeze them.

[Source: Ratalaika Games/RedBlack Spade PR]

Catmaze will release on the 9th of September for Nintendo Switch, priced at $9.99

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