Mario Kart Tour – September 14th, 2022 Content Update

Part 2 of the Mario vs Luigi Tour live

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Mario Kart Tour has received new content updates, so as per usual around here, let’s roundup what’s new for September 14th, 2022:

  • [Tours] Part 2 of the 78th Tour, the Mario vs Luigi Tour, is now live (available until September 21st)
  • [Pipe] The 2nd Mario vs Luigi Pipe (featuring Peach (Yukata), Daisy (Yukata), Boo Mask) is now available. It can be fired up to 3 times for free (available until September 21st)
  • [Store] The following is now available in the Store: Shy Guy (Gold) Pack (Team Mario), King Bob-omb (Gold) Pack (Team Luigi), Dr. Mario Pack (Team Mario), Dr. Luigi Pack (Team Luigi) (available until September 21st)

[Source: Perfectly Nintendo]

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