Sonic Frontiers reportedly targets 720p 30fps on Switch, higher resolutions and frame rates on other platforms

The numbers really won’t surprise you.

Slade Watkins Avatar

We’ve seen a lot about Sonic Frontiers lately, but what we didn’t know was what resolution and frame rate it’d target on all the different platforms. Well, Twitter user @tadanohi was reportedly to ask a SEGA developer at TGS, and here’s what they said:

The PS5 version of the game will target 4K 30fps/1080p 60fps, the PS4 version will target 1080p 30fps, and the Switch will target 720p 30fps. The Switch version is notably much lower in resolution and frame rate than its other counterparts, though it certainly isn’t surprising. (It is unknown if that was referring to docked and handheld, or just one of the two.)

SEGA hasn’t officially confirmed any of this directly yet, so take it with a grain of salt, but we’ll let you know if they do!

[Source: GoNintendo]

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