Electrician Simulator Releases for Switch Next Year

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Take IT Studio, Gaming Factory, and Ultimate Games have announced that Electrician Simulator will release for Switch next year. Here’s a trailer and some info about the game…


About the game

In Electrician Simulator, you play a young electrician taking over the family business. The gameplay focuses on carrying out various jobs mostly consisting of story-based missions and repairing items in the workshop. The creators decided to emphasize variety – the different jobs include repairing an electrical socket, creating an entire electrical grid from scratch, restoring certain items to working condition (e.g., gamepads, kitchen appliances, and audio equipment), and more.

Key Features

– an electrifying career;
– 30 varied story-based missions;
– repairing various items at the workshop;
– over 50 electrical items;
– a wide selection of skills;
– many useful tools;
– expanding your own workshop.

No exact release date has been given yet, but of course, we’ll let you know!

[Source: Nintendo Everything]

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