Leaked Video Details Development of GoldenEye 007

25 minutes of behind-the-scenes details

Slade Watkins Avatar

It appears that a video, originally produced with the intention of release with 2015’s Rare Replay software package for the Xbox One, has leaked to the public via a YouTube upload. The video details the development of GoldenEye 007, which was most recently rereleased for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers with an exclusive online multiplayer feature, but not included in Rare Replay. Though it appears, at least given the production of this video, that it was planned to be included but couldn’t be due to licensing issues.

Here’s the video:

It’s around 25 minutes long. While KH can’t confirm that the origin — a Rare employee — is legitimate, we can at least confirm that the video is.

[Sources: GoNintendo, YouTube]

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