PSA: Ubisoft May Have Just Experienced A Security Breach

Reset your passwords and 2FA now!

Kakariko Herald has been made aware of a potential security breach of Ubisoft’s systems. Cryptofyre, CEO of Cider Collective LLC, was the one to sound the alarm on Twitter. In a Tweet, Cryptofyre explained that a breach “definitely just happened,” and suggested that people “reset your passwords and 2FA options now.”

When asked by this writer if it had been confirmed, Cryptofyre said “I’m noticing a ton of random logins show up specifically on Ubisoft across our Discord and it threw our staff into a panic pretty quickly in regard to internal breaches.” While it is not confirmed, one additional person who replied to Cryptofyre’s original Tweet has noticed an uptick in unauthorized access to their account, saying “Someone tried to get into mine […] and got caught by 2fa,” just a few days ago.

To our readers, we recommend resetting your password and 2FA options just to be safe. We are reaching out to Ubisoft for comment on (and to make them aware of the issue discussed) in this story, and will update when we hear back.

[Source: Cryptofyre]