Minecraft Legends Launches for Switch Today!

It’s time to be a hero!

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Mojang Studios has announced that Minecraft Legends is officially available on Nintendo Switch beginning today!

In Minecraft Legends, you play as the hero! You might think that means you’ll be doing all the fighting, but actually: you’ll be doing all the leading. In Legends you’re not the only fighter, and in fact, your allies are better equipped to deal with the piglins than you are. Your task is to summon new friends and lead them in battle to defeat the rampaging piglins. You will have to defend villages, destroy piglin bases, and more to push back the piglins’ Nether corruption. Different allies have different strengths and weaknesses, which when used wisely can give you the edge in battle. 

In true Minecraft fashion, you must also make sure that you don’t run out of resources, so that you can keep spawning allies and building defensive or offensive structures. Exploring the Overworld is also important: it’s how you meet new friends and discover new resources, and even treasure! Plus, you’ll get to experience a new Overworld each time you play through the campaign, because every playthrough generates a unique map.

[Mojang Studios]

The Standard Edition is $39.99 USD, and the Deluxe Edition (which includes the base game plus the Deluxe Skin pack) is $49.99 USD.

[Source: Mojang Studios/Minecraft.net]

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