Splatoon 3 lobby holds a secret Nintendo Switch Easter egg

A big screen holds a small secret!

If you’ve played any Splatoon 3 (even the World Premiere), you know about the giant screen that towers over the lobby testing area.

An image of the big screen in the lobby testing area

But did you know that this giant screen is actually a Nintendo Switch? It has the charging port at the bottom, and the Joy-Con docks on the side.

It’s cool that Nintendo has hidden a little Nintendo Switch reference inside the Splatoon 3 lobby, there are a few other nods to Nintendo’s history. Such as the item “Nostalgia Power Magazine” that you can purchase at Hotlantis, which is a nod to a magazine Nintendo used to produce “Nintendo Power”.

Let us know what you think of this!

[Source: Screenshots from Tigstahh]