Google Hosts a Neat Splatoon 3 Easter Egg

An INKredible Easter egg!

Tyson Avatar

Much like how you can get a clickable question mark block when you Google search Super Mario Bros., there is an interactive Easter egg you can play when you Google search Splatoon 3. There are a few ink splatters on the Splatoon 3 card next to it; clicking this will begin the Easter egg.

When you begin, you will be able to click the screen to create ink splatters.

Apart from just regular ink splatters, there are also many secret shapes that can show up at random, such as a pair of eyes, an Octoling shape, an arrow (could be a manta ray, referencing Big Man), and an Inkling.

You can find this Easter egg on your computer or phone by typing “Splatoon 3” into Google or by clicking here.

[Source: Google]

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