SITE NEWS: We’re opening up a direct way to support us through Ko-Fi

A way to support us if you like what we’re doing.

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Hi everyone! I’m so excited to announce that we’re opening up a direct way to support what we do directly through Ko-Fi.

If I’m being honest, running a site like this has been a dream of mine, and I really want to do this full-time. By supporting us on Ko-fi, you’re making that dream a reality. Your support ensures I can continue to operate the site for years to come, and support the people who have graciously offered their assistance when the news day gets wild.

Of course, if you just choose to read: you’re still supporting us! Visiting the site without an ad-blocker will net us a bit of cash (once we’re approved for ads) and clicking on certain disclosed links (and/or buying things from certain links) will also support us.

Also, giving us a share on social media helps too!

Our Ko-Fi page is simply for those who’d like to go the extra mile. Our content will, always, remain free to all. That’s a promise.

A video produced by me introducing the page.

If you wish, you can support us by clicking the button below, or visiting ko-fi.com/kakarikoherald.

Thank you all so much for the support,
Founder, Editor-in-Chief & Director
Kakariko Herald

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