Did Someone Say “Podcast”?

We did!

Kakariko Herald Staff Avatar

The rumours are true! In January, we’ll be starting our very first podcast Kakariko Herald Recap and releasing it wherever you listen to podcasts PLUS KakarikoHerald.com.

So what is the Kakariko Herald Recap? Well, each week, Slade and Tyson will sit down together and discuss the most notable Nintendo-related news of the week, ask each other some fascinating trivia questions, (some other surprises we’re not ready to talk about yet,) and most importantly: have an all-around good time. It’s a podcast idea we’ve had for a long time, and we think it’s the perfect one to expand upon for our first foray into the audio podcast world!

But that’s not all we’re doing: we’ve got three editions of this podcast… and two of them are free (with ads baked in) to all!

Free with ads baked in

Mixed in stereo and delivered to all platforms, this is the heavily edited/cut down version of the podcast delivered to your favourite podcast platform including but not limited to Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and Overcast.

Listen in Dolby Atmos/Spatial Audio

We’ll be mixing all of our episodes in Dolby Atmos, an experimental format for podcasts that hasn’t been widely adopted yet. You’ll be able listen to the podcast using Spatial Audio on any supported Apple devices (see this page for more info). Dolby Atmos is also supported on certain Android devices, so consult your device’s manufacturer for more information.

This edition of the podcast is identical to the free stereo mix version, and will be delivered to our website at KakarikoHerald.com. It will also be delivered to podcast platforms that support Dolby Atmos, at no additional cost (free!)

Patreon Exclusive – “Extended Cut Edition”

This is the extended cut containing all the takes and special moments that didn’t make it in to the week’s episodes. It’s a Patreon exclusive podcast delivered in Dolby Atmos and playable on supported devices. In addition to the Dolby Atmos mix, there is also a standard stereo mix available as well.

Our Patreon page will launch next month, with our Extended Cut Edition to launch shortly thereafter. Stay tuned for updates.

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