Introducing Our New Look!

This is our brand new design language!

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Kakariko Herald’s original logo was designed by Fiona, better known as Arsinoe to folks on the internet. She’s a master artist and one of the best friends I’ve ever had. She put everything she had into making the emblem we all know and love, and I could not be more grateful. Since its inception, we’ve recoloured it for various events, such as Splatoon 3’s Splatfest World Premiere. It has served, and will continue to serve, us well.

So, when it came time to modernize the designs used by the entire SWM family of projects, I knew I couldn’t just redo what we fell in love with — the emblem is a staple of our design now. But there was one area we desperately needed to improve.

When I introduced you all to KH5, I promised you that dark mode would be coming within weeks of its launch. Well, unfortunately, that never happened. Why? Well, our wordmark (the “Kakariko Herald” text you see next to our emblem) used black as its base colour. This meant that turning on dark mode automatically inverted the logo, which includes the emblem, making everything just look ugly. Well, we’ve done something to rectify that.

The Kakariko Herald logo, emblem on the left, text on the right.
The Kakariko Herald logo, emblem on the left, text on the right.

The new look keeps the emblem that Fiona designed for us, and will allow us to FINALLY introduce dark mode for our readers, as the design looks great with both! The Kakariko Herald logo was refreshed in the design language that we’ll be using across all of our projects, though we can’t reveal the looks of those just yet. That reveal will come to Wallymer.com on the 1st of March, but we just wanted to get this to you right now!

(P.S. If you were wondering why our site wasn’t publishing updates these past couple weeks, now you know! Now back to your regularly scheduled programming…)

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