Say hello to KH6!

Reworked from the inside-out.

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We’ve undergone many changes around here, most recently being KH5 — which was a complete overhaul of our website that brought us from the old Tumblr blog onto a more sophisticated platform. This past year we even introduced Sheikah Slate, our own in-house content management system (or “CMS”) built on the same foundation as WordPress. It’s like WordPress, but faster, and more flexible, with a lot of Kakariko Herald goodness built right in.

But the truth is, it was starting to get a little too bloated, and the design of our website was feeling a little dated. Things were slow and unusable. We started showing some wear on our servers. We knew we had to do something. Well, today’s that day. We’re taking the wraps off of KH6, our next big overhaul of Kakariko Herald’s website. And of course… we’ve got the details just for you!

A new look, from top to bottom.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is how clean everything looks. The second thing you’ll notice is how much faster things are to load. We’ve shed a lot of the bloat that made our site crawl, and our servers start sounding like they were about to take off. We’ve overhauled our homepage to be really simple: news first, everything else below it. And we’ve made our entire archives available on a very simple page, too.

We’ve also moved away from Rubik as our font face, adopting Albert Sans instead. It’s a lot more professional, but still playful in other regards. We quite like it. You will, too!

Comments are GONE. Forever.

Yep, you read that right: we’ve killed comments. We were using a third-party service called Disqus to provide this, and now they’re gone. We decided that they weren’t really necessary anymore in the days of social media, nor being used enough to employ a team of moderators to manage. I’d understand if some were upset by this change–but it’s just not feasible anymore. They’re gone forever. The focus for us is on providing really good coverage to all of you.

That said, articles are still shared across our social media presence, so you can always share your thoughts that way!


In conclusion, while that may not seem like a lot, it’s a massive change that is sure to set the path for our site for years to come! We’ve got a lot more to announce in the coming months, so be sure to stay tuned. KH6 is going beyond just this website… (But that’s all we’ll say for now.)

All our best,
Slade & Tyson

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