Community Guidelines

Updated August 12, 2022

  1. Constructive criticism is 100% allowed here.
    • We will absolutely remove (or hide) any criticism that is rude, disrespectful, or otherwise hateful towards our writers or community members.
    • We encourage downvoting comments that you disagree with, and reporting comments that are hurtful.
  2. That said, you are allowed to attack ideas, but not people. There should be mutual respect towards each other in every conversation. Keywords there being mutual respect.
  3. Overuse of vulgar language is strictly prohibited: our filters will catch that and remove it.
    • It’s probably okay once in a while, but keep it PG-13.
  4. No trolling. This doesn’t mean joking around isn’t allowed, but trolling is malicious and isn’t allowed here. This is meant to be a chill community.
  5. Spam and scam content are both strictly prohibited. Permabans will be issued.
  6. No discussion of anything illegal (or in a legal gray area) on this site.
    • Links to ROMs, pirated software, or anything else illegal will result in a ban.
    • Unless it’s relevant to the conversation or article, please keep discussion of emulators to a minimum.
  7. We have a 25 character minimum for comments. You must not attempt to invade this minimum, as it will result in a full perma-ban from our comment section.
    • We’ve put this in place to encourage meaningful conversations.
    • We know it’s harsh, but the minimum also increases the protections against spam, which is no fun either.