Ethics Policy

Ethics Policy

Updated March 10, 2022

The team at Kakariko Herald, as well as its guest authors, and contributors follows this ethics policy carefully.

Provide attribution to sources always.

Not just whenever possible: always. If there’s no source — it’s speculation and therefore goes against this next point…

Seek truth and report it.

The truth in our regular news coverage will always be our number one priority. As for pieces filed to Features or Soapbox, speculation or opinions in those will always be clearly marked and disclosed.

Minimize harm towards others.

We’re all human beings, and it’s simply our responsibility to minimize potential harm towards others in whatever ways we can.

We will report from a neutral point of view or recuse ourselves. No in-between.

Biases are sometimes unavoidable. If this is the case, the writer is required to recuse themselves, and it’ll get passed on to a contributor or writer who doesn’t share the same bias.

Similarly, we’ll always disclose potential conflicts-of-interest.

This happens too from time-to-time. If it does, and we feel it could be seen as a potential conflict-of-interest, it’ll be disclosed then and there.

Sometimes we don’t always making the right calls when it comes to this policy. If we mess up, please understand that we’re human and shoot us a message so we can address it ASAP!