Kakariko Herald is an independent startup news site founded by Slade Watkins and focused on the latest in Nintendo and related properties. This site is run on Sheikah Slate.

We don’t clickbait. 

We’re into a more casual, honest experience. As much as we’d love the clicks, it’s not how we operate. We operate on simplicity and respect of the reader’s time.

We’re built to be independent. 

This means we don’t rely on investment/equity firms or any sort of outside funding. This site was created by a recent high-school-graduate, so we’ve built this site from the ground up to be independent. So if you enjoy what we do, and/or would like to support us, please consider supporting us through our Ko-Fi page to help keep this site up and running! It’s not required, but it does help us significantly.

We credit sources every time they’re in play. No exceptions. 

We believe in driving traffic to other sites to encourage exploration. So whether it’s an article, patch notes, or whatever, you can find a link to the original source somewhere around the article (usually at the bottom) or embedded in the article itself. We don’t hide it!

The articles are simple and digestible. 

We simplify it so it’s easy to understand and take in. We’ll certainly write longer-formed content here and there, but it’s not our priority. Our goal is for getting the news to be as simple as glancing quickly and not take up too much time. Without the mess.