Splatoon 3 – Version 1.1.0 Patch Notes

Changes to Hero Mode included! Also, servers are up!

Potential spoilers within for Hero Mode (story campaign), you’ve been warned!

Splatoon 3 has received its first update pre-launch, and thanks to Perfectly Nintendo, we have a translation of what’s included in this update. Check out the notes below!

Changes to Hero Mode
  • You can now change Cap’n Cuttlefish’s appearance from the sketchbook at the Crater tent (press the A button to check it)
    • Even if you have already progressed further in the story, you can temporarily return to the Crater by examining the stuffed Zapfish at the camp and selecting “Remember the Crater”.
  • Photo Mode can now be used in Hero Mode (only in some locations)
Other Changes
  • Features requiring an internet connection are now available.

[Source: Perfectly Nintendo]