‘Metroid Dread’ Senior Programmer leaves MercurySteam for Digital Legends

Best of luck, Carlos!

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Carlos Fraguas Pizarro, the senior gameplay and player programmer on 2021’s Metroid Dread, announced on Twitter that he has left MercurySteam and moved on to Digital Legends Entertainment. Here’s his full announcement.

Well, time for an update! This was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve had to take, but I’ve recently quit my job [at MercurySteam]

I’ve been very fortunate to share these years with an amazing group of incredibly talented humans, who have gifted me the chance to grow myself and develop games I’m really proud of.

Want to reflect on something, though.

You know I’m a big Nintendo fan and a Metroid one in particular. Working on Metroid Dread, and more so as a Player Programmer, has been like a life time achievement.

We’ve poured our hearts on it and tired to make it the best possible.
Continuing the legacy of this IP I’ve loved for so many years while adding some personal touches is something I can’t describe with words.

I want to thank the whole team for their commitment and all of the community for the love and praise the game has received. And a special Thank You to the speedrunning community!

Finally, let me highlight two individuals, from the dozens to whom I’m in debt: [Mario García Lázaro, gameplay programmer at MercurySteam] and [Fernando Zazo, Lead Programmer at MercurySteam]. They’ve teached me a whole lot about gameplay feel, player centric design and how to become a great lead. Thank you.

Statement has been adapted from Carlos’s Twitter thread for publication.

Best of luck on your new venture, Carlos!

[Source: Twitter, Nintendo Life]

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