Stardew Valley is Now Self Published by Its Creators, as Chucklefish Hands Over Those Responsibilities

The years long process is over.

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ConcernedApe, better known as Eric Barone, has announced he has taken over the final publishing duties for the Android version of Stardew Valley. This marks the end of the process of taking over said duties from Chucklefish, following allegations of exploitation and lack of compensation during the development of their game Starbound, and makes Barone the creator, developer, and publisher of Stardew Valley.

Clearing up speculation that Chucklefish had anything to do with Stardew Valley: It was originally published by Chucklefish, but fully developed by Eric Barone (ConcernedApe).

Upon announcing this change, he also held an AMA on Twitter which yielded some interesting questions and answers. Here are a few highlights:

Yes, 1.5 is still coming! And rest assured, Barone “will never abandon” it.

There is “a (mostly) modding related update” in development

Barone isn’t sure if he’ll “close the book” on updates for Stardew Valley

Barone isn’t going to tell us his favorites in fear of causing a “rift” in the community

And finally, we likely won’t hear anything about Barone’s next game until Stardew Valley 1.5 comes out on Mobile

He answered way more questions under his Tweet, so please go check that out!

[Source: ConcernedApe, PC Gamer]

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