Boreal Tenebrae coming to Switch next month

A bit of horror comes to the Switch in April…

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Snot Bubbles Productions has stated that Borael Tenebrae will be arriving for Switch via the eShop on April 8th, 2022. The game will be published by RedDeer.games. As usual, we’ve got the trailer, as well as a bit of info about the game for you here!


Delve into the gloomy dream of a diseased and dying town in Boreal Tenebrae. Experience a bizarre retro-style adventure with mystical atmosphere and horror elements as you unravel dark secrets and search for Sarah.

Explore the events leading up to the Boreal Tenebrae story in this animated film created by the makers from Snot Bubbles Productions

About the game

Boreal Tenebrae will take you on a retro-style adventure, with a mysterious atmosphere and horror elements. The game is inspired by 90s classics and the best TV series.

You play as multiple characters, each with their own story, and travel to actual locations in town and dark versions of them.

In this nightmare, you have to solve the murder, search for your missing sister Sarah, and complete the mysterious ritual to save the dying town. Will you be able to unravel all the dark secrets of Boreal Tenebrae?

Explore a diseased town where everything is unusual. Strange boxes that emit hypnotic static appeared in town. Some citizens, including Sarah, have been absorbed by this mysterious object and never come back.

Boreal Tenebrae was nominated for Best Art Direction and Best Narrative at the Canadian Game Awards 2021.

– Classic retro-style adventure
– Horror elements and gore
– Story-driven quests with multiple characters
– Fixed-camera

[Source: RedDeer.games via Pure Nintendo]

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