‘Anuchard’ releasing on the Switch eShop in April

“Orchard, known for its close-knit community in a quaint farming village, slowly crumbles.”

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Published by Freedom Games, developer stellarNull has announced that ‘Anuchard’ will be heading to the Switch eShop for $19.99 USD on April 21st, 2022.

As usual, we’ve got a trailer and some information about the game for you!


About the game

Orchard, known for its close-knit community in a quaint farming village, slowly crumbles. Many integral citizens have been lost to the mysterious underground dungeons underneath the peaceful town. As the population dwindles, the remaining inhabitants hold out hope for legends prophesying a dauntless hero destined to wield the powerful Audros Bell.

Emerge as one of the great Bellwielders and take on the noble duty of restoring Orchard’s lost souls trapped underground. Follow the guidance of fallen Bell Spirits to journey deep into derelict caves and conduits full of brain-testing puzzles. Swing the Audros Bell in fast-paced, classic action RPG combat to knockback monsters and release the souls they’ve claimed.

Hurl environmental elements at fiendish foes taking advantage of their weaknesses and brutalize bosses to release crystallized spirits of ruined adventurers. Return to town after each conquest to return key members back to the community like chefs, farmers, herbalists, and more specialists who can help rebuild the village.

Collect pieces of ancient technology, called Spires, to assist in combat and create life-replenishing recipes to upgrade the hero’s stats. Build relationships around town throughout the main storyline to learn of the fabled guardians of old. Uncover the revelations of what truly befell Orchard and the world at large.

[Source: Nintendo Everything]

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