YouTuber Tests Switch OLED Screen-On Time: Minor Ghosting/Burn-In After 7,000 Hours

But no major issues!

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YouTube Creator WULFF DEN tested the Switch OLED’s screen on-time to see what effects of burn-in could be had on the console. OLED panels like the one the Switch OLED model uses can be damaged if left on for too long, so needless to say, this experiment was bound to yield some interesting results.

At 3,600 hours, WULLF DEN reported the first signs of damage to the OLED screen and predicted that around 1,800 hours later, the system’s screen would incur major damage. However, at 7,000 hours, this appears to not be the case, as shown in an update on YouTube Shorts:

The screen hasn’t suffered any major damage, and in fact, only has damage that is noticeable on contents that are either very light or dark. The good news from this experiment is that your Switch OLED’s screen will be likely be fine for years to come if you turn it off every once in a while!

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Here’s the original update:

[Source: WULFF DEN 1, 2 via Nintendo Life 1, 2]

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