Mario Strikers: Battle League – Details of Second Free Updates Revealed

Coming later this month!

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Today’s Nintendo Direct presentation saw the detailing of Mario Strikers: Battle League’s Second Free Update, which is coming later this month.

Tackle rivals as the physical powerhouse Pauline or dazzle ’em with Diddy Kong’s high speed – plus, more gear and another stadium are being added!

Enjoy more new features in this update such as the new Striker Ranking! The Striker Ranking shows your individual ranking based on battle records of online matches in Quick Battle mode, and most online matches in Strikers Club mode.

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Additional details were shared in NoA’s press release, which we’ve shared an excerpt of below:

The Mario Strikers: Battle League game is getting a second free update this month. Joining the roster is Pauline – a physical powerhouse with fast movements and strong tackles. Diddy Kong barrels his way to the field, too, as a midfield speedster with dazzling techniques and high pass accuracy. Plus, more gear, another stadium, Striker Ranking based on skill points, customization options for the supporters in the audience and splashy match celebration effect options are being added. Get gritty and take on the world with these new additions!

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