The Pokémon Company may not be a fan of Nuzlockes, however some sources disagree

One source says they care, one source says they don’t!

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In a recent episode of the Kit and Krysta Podcast, run by former Nintendo employees Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang, they stated that they wanted to do a Nintendo Minute episode on a Pokémon Nuzlocke run. However, this idea was rejected by The Pokémon Company.

Well, we have a great story to tell about this where we thought that this would be a fun idea for a Nintendo Minute video, so we pitched it to The Pokémon Company and said, ‘Hey, we would like to do a nuzlocke run, what do you think?’ ‘Here’s what we think’ – bam! So they said, ‘We consider this to be on the same level as using hacking’ – ROM hacks.

Excuse me? This is just the style of playing a game that everybody can buy – there’s no hacking, you’re just playing the game. That was truly one of the more like, ‘wait what?’ responses.

Kit Ellis via Nintendo Everything

The episode of Kit and Krysta podcast where they talk about their Pokemon Nuzlocke idea is linked below (This embed will start from when they begin to talk about Pokémon Nuzlocke)

However, this response has been contradicted by Joe Merrick from serebii.net, who contacted The Pokémon Company International (TPCi) for their response.

We do not have any issues with fans/creators playing the games with Nuzlocke rules

The Pokémon Company International via Joe Merrick

There are conflicting sources, and we are unsure as to which one is correct. Let us know what you think!

[Sources: Nintendo Everything, Kit and Krysta Podcast, Joe Merrick on Twitter]

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