Paladins Will No Longer Be Playable on Switch Starting in Late June

No longer available on the eShop starting today

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The developers behind the popular Paladins, Evil Mojo/Hi-Rez Studios, have announced that the Nintendo Switch version will no longer be available starting today, with service to end in late June 2023. Discussing their reasoning for “sunsetting” the Nintendo Switch version of the game, they call out performance issues and the amount of time spent on optimizing the experience for players as reasons for the shut down. An excerpt from their statement, posted to their website, can be found below:

After lots of discussion and thought across our team, we’ve made the difficult decision to end support for Paladins on Nintendo Switch, with the final update it receives being Midnight Masquerade. This choice wasn’t made easily or without concern, however we realized that the performance of our Switch port was not up to our or community standards and we were unable to provide support at the level our community deserves. We spent countless hours working on platform-specific problems, and dedicated ourselves to solutions as long as we could, as recently as the work done for Payload; however, this has caused frequent challenges that prevent Paladins from being the best game it could be.

[…] We will continue to support Paladins on Switch until the release of the following update in late June, from which point the game will be inaccessible on the Nintendo Switch.

[Evil Mojo/Hi-Rez Studios via Paladins website]

You can find their full statement on Paladins.com, where they go into more detail about how to move progress to another platform!

[Source: Paladins website]

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