18 Minutes of New Tales from the Borderlands Gameplay Revealed

“all hell breaks loose…”

Curious what New Tales from the Borderlands has to offer? Well, following Gearbox’s PAX West 2022 panel, the developers went ahead and posted 18 minutes of pure gameplay from the game onto YouTube. The game releases on October 21st, 2022. If you’d like to see the gameplay out for yourself, we’ve embedded it below for you (or you can click here!)

In this reveal, our three lovable losers must travel through the sewers of Promethea, racing against Tediore to open a dormant Vault. As they figure out a way past the Tediore guards, they must also battle for honor and glory in a Vaultlanders duel, with QTEs deciding the winner of glorious plastic combat!

And as usual in the Borderlands universe, all hell breaks loose when they find the Vault.

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[Source: GoNintendo, Gearbox/2KGames]